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  • Product: MiR500
  • Brand: MiR
  • Warranty: 12 months
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  • Product: MiR500
  • Brand: MiR
  • Dimension: 1350mm(L)×920mm(W)x320mm(H)
  • Load: 500Kg

Product’s Information

  • MiR500 is specially designed to realize automatic transportation of pallets and heavy loads in various industries. With a load of 500kg, a maximum traveling speed of 2m/s, and a length and width of 1350x920mm, MiR’s MiR500 is a collaborative autonomous mobile robot with the largest volume, strongest lifting capacity, fastest running speed and robust design in the industry.

Transport safely and efficiently

  • The collaborative MiR500 can safely shuttle between people and physical obstacles. With advanced technology and sophisticated software, the robot can automatically navigate to detect the best route to the destination. When encountering obstacles, the robot will automatically re-plan the route to avoid costly backlogs in the logistics process.
  • MiR500 is equipped with the latest laser scanning technology that provides a 360-degree scanning angle of view to ensure optimal safety. MiR500’s 3D camera can detect pallets and the scanning range is 3cm to 2 meters on the ground. In addition, the robot can also identify and avoid potholes on the ground.

Optimizing pallet transportation without changing the factory layout

  • With the help of the MiR500 pallet lifter, MiR500 can automatically pick up, transport and unload pallets, thereby freeing up enterprise labor for more valuable tasks. You only need to download the CAD file of the factory to the robot, or use its laser scanner to create a map of the factory, and the robot can automatically navigate, thus ensuring that the automated transportation process is implemented for you quickly and cost-effectively.

Robust robot built for industrial applications

  • MiR500 meets ISO/EN 13849 standards and meets EMC requirements for heavy and light industrial environments. MiR500 is specially designed for industrial applications: its exterior components have been further optimized and enhanced, which can effectively protect the goods (for example, avoiding the goods from falling) when traveling through bumpy roads or small puddles.

High user-friendliness and flexibility

  • MiR500 offers a high degree of user-friendliness at all levels, giving you full control from the start. You can control MiR500 through the intuitive MiR robot interface on a smartphone, tablet or PC, and you can program it without any programming foundation. The robot can also be integrated into the ERP system so that you can create a fully automated solution.
  • In addition, the integration of various top modules of the robot is also very simple and fast. MiR500 can be easily configured with pallet forks, conveyor belts, robot arms or any other device.

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AMR Chassis

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Điều hướng tự nhiên | Laser SLAM 2D/3D

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